Puppy Training

As I have stated before, I am not a dog trainer. But I do believe very strongly in the natural Dog Training model that was developed by trainer Kevin Behan.

Kevin believed that in order to raise a puppy to be the best it could be, you needed to go slowly. It is very possible that you can do too much too soon and stress your puppy.

In fact, most people are doing just that. Puppy socialization classes, puppy obedience training etc……..

Today, I want to share an article written by a woman who studied with Kevin for 20 years. I found this article to be one of the best I have ever read on puppy “training”.

I hope you enjoy and remember to keep an open mind.



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2 thoughts on “Puppy Training”

    • Thank you so much Ellen for your positive words. I Enjoyed your book so much. I was training a Springer for obedience at about the same time and I really identified with the obsession to get it right. I would love to share your article on preventing dogs biting kids. I will also share that on Harriet the Nursemaid Facebook page.


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