“Healthy Oils” That Are Dangerous for Your Dog. And You Too!

A little while ago I wrote about vegan dog food. One thing I did was to go through the ingredient list. One ingredient in V-Dog that I objected to (OK seriously, I objected to everything) was Canola oil. This is a new oil coming out of Canada in 1974. It is GMO and very dangerous. As all vegetable oils are. In Petaluma Dog Food, there was Sunflower oil. Something else no dog or human should ever eat. These oils are ALL  created from waste products and are very highly processed at high heat then bleached and deodorized.  According to Nutritionist Mike Geary, ” One of the biggest cons in modern history is the government’s promotion of these so-called “healthy fats” over the last 50-60 years… It turns out that [these] “healthy fats” ….have actually been one of the MAIN causes of most chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even links to Alzheimer’s, obesity, and more.” [1]
Vegetable oils (also known as seed oils) are not limited to being in vegan food. You can also find them in regular commercial kibble. These oils are connected to obesity, diabetes, auto immune and cancer. What oils am I talking about exactly? Dr. Kate Shanahan MD has a list she calls “The Hateful Eight” They are:

Corn, Canola, Safflower, Cottonseed, Soy, Sunflower, Grapeseed and Rice Bran.  (Notice we are not talking about Olive Oil here, which is a fruit oil.)


I had not heard of this last one before but apparently it is used in restaurants.  Dr. Kate did a great interview that I will link below. Another person who is sounding the alarm on these so-called healthy oils is a researcher named Tucker Goodrich. He is talking about the connection of these oils to cancer. In his interview that I have linked below, he talks about a type of lung cancer linked directly to people cooking with these oils. Even inhaling the fumes while you are cooking in unventilated areas is dangerous.  I remember years ago we were told to give our dogs corn oil for a healthy and shiny coat and we blindly obeyed. I know I did. We were literally giving our dogs cancer on a spoon. I sincerely hope nobody is doing that anymore.  I listened to a great podcast with Tucker that I will also link below.  Lastly, I have linked an article by Cat Ebeling RN, MSN-PHN from the Nutrition Watchdog.

Read and listen to these links and then do your dogs (and your) health a favor and kick vegetable oils to the curb. Dogs deserve better than vegetable oils. Oh, and for all you ladies out there that are worried about those dreaded wrinkles. You really, really want to DITCH the vegetable oils.

The Hateful Eight (westonaprice.org)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         How Seed Oils Are Driving Cancer – A Neighbor’s Choice by David Gornoski (aneighborschoice.com)

This Type of Oil Can Cause Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity and Diabetes – thenutritionwatchdog.com 

[1] Mike Geary: The Nutrition Watchdog.

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