Don’t Mess With A Dog While He is Eating

Leah from Canine Movement Lab has written a great article about resource guarding around food.  I think it is a no brainer that you never bother a dog that has food or a bone. But some trainers think it is OK to “teach” a dog to be OK with someone grabbing their food. People, it is not OK and many great dogs have died because of this idea.  This is a sure-fire way to get a bite, especially with children.  I consider my Harriet to be a “bomb-proof” dog, but I never allow the children, or even myself, near her if she is eating or has a bone she is chewing on.

Read Leah’s article and then share it with your dog loving friends. It could save a dog’s life.


Leave Your Dog ALONE While He’s Eating – Canine Movement Lab

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