Dog DNA in Dog Food

It has long been suspected and alleged that there are euthanized dogs and cats in pet food.

Former AAFCO President Hersch Pendell said in an interview when he was asked the question about euthanized pets. “Clinically it may not be acceptable but nutritionally it’s still protein.” When asked if owners could tell what’s in the pet food by looking at the label he said:” There’s no way to really tell that because the ingredients say meat and bone meal. You don’t know if that’s cattle sheep, horse or……Fluffy.”  Link to video below.

Well, thanks to a lawsuit filed in California, we do know that there is dog DNA in pet food. Specifically a food called “Just 6”.

The lawsuit states:

“Plaintiff Erin Kirchenberg (“Plaintiff”), acting on behalf of herself and all other
similarly situated persons residing in California (“Class Members”), brings this action
for damages and equitable relief against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Inc., and J.M.
Smucker Co. (“Defendants”).”

Did you see the last line where it says “Smuckers”? They are one of the largest producers of dog food in the world.

Below I have a picture of a piece of evidence from the lawsuit which breaks down the ingredients in Just 6 which claims there are Just 6 ingredients in the food. I may not be the best at numbers, but even I can count and there are 19 sources of DNA in Rachel Ray’s Just 6 dog food. I have the lawsuit linked below.




Susan Thixton from “The Truth About Pet Food” has written a good article about the lawsuit. Susan is a tireless warrior fighting for the health of your pet and fighting to uncover the problems in the pet food industry. Check out her article and the lawsuit and the video I have linked below.

This is just another reason for people to learn about feeding their pets a raw diet. For the health of your pet and for their longevity, you owe it to them and to yourself.



Lawsuit Testing Finds Dog DNA in Dog Food – Truth about Pet Food

3  (57) Former AAFCO President Admits Pet Food May Contain Pets – YouTube


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