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Preventing Dog Bites With Children

How to Prevent Dogs Biting Kids ( If you are a parent, a Grandparent or just someone who loves dogs and/or children, you need to read this article. (linked above) For the sake of the children. For the sake of the dogs. For your sake too. I’m sure a lot of people would look at the … Read more

Leah From Canine Movement Lab

  My friend Leah from Canine Movement Lab did a really nice interview with a podcast called Dogs and Deadlifts. OK, so who thought up that name. Anyhow, Leah talked about training, nutrition (and a nice shoutout to me, thank you Leah)  spay and neuter and more. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and spoiler … Read more

Puppy Training

As I have stated before, I am not a dog trainer. But I do believe very strongly in the natural Dog Training model that was developed by trainer Kevin Behan. Kevin believed that in order to raise a puppy to be the best it could be, you needed to go slowly. It is very possible … Read more