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Not All Protein Is Created Equal

I recently listened to a very informative talk by Dr. Peter Ballerstedt PhD, titled “When Protein Is NOT Protein”.  (I have linked the talk at the bottom of this post. VERY worth watching) I learned a great deal from that talk about the difference between animal-based protein and plant-based protein. About crude protein and true … Read more

The Truth About Vegan Pet Food

Someone else’s viewpoint on vegan pet food. This is a great video on the problems with vegan pet food. She says everything I did (and more) but she did it in less than ten minutes. This is a great you tube channel by the way.   The Truth About Vegan Pet Food – YouTube

Give Your Dog A (Raw) Bone

Give your dog a bone. It is a very old saying, but so important. Did you know that giving a dog a raw marrow bone, or really anything they can spend a lot of time gnawing on, such as pigs ear, trachea or a chunk of meat about the size of the dogs head, is … Read more