Behavior Changes When Dogs Are Spayed or Neutered

A picture of Dottie’s beautiful, intact Father showing at Westminster Kennel Club   A while back, I wrote a post about the problems of early spaying and neutering in our dogs. I have the link here. The Problems with Early Spay and Neuter – Joyfully Healthy Pets That post talked about the physical problems that … Read more


One of the laws of Nature is exercise. Not too much and not too little. In the case of our dogs, they need daily exercise such as running in the forest if you are lucky enough to live near one. For my dogs and me, we have one across the street from us. And, it … Read more

Welcome to Joyfully Healthy Pets

I am a Small Animal Naturopath, which is different from a Veterinarian.   I educate people about the 8 Laws of Nature and how they impact the health of their animals, and I love working with people so they can have vibrant health for their animals and in turn for themselves. I am so happy that … Read more