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Colostrum For Your Canine

What is Colostrum?  If you are a Mother, you are aware that colostrum is the first milk that a mammal produces after giving birth. It is the first food for mammals and all mammals produce it for their offspring.  It is an absolutely amazing food. I remember reading “The Grapes of Wrath” in high school, … Read more

Preventing Dog Bites With Children

How to Prevent Dogs Biting Kids ( If you are a parent, a Grandparent or just someone who loves dogs and/or children, you need to read this article. (linked above) For the sake of the children. For the sake of the dogs. For your sake too. I’m sure a lot of people would look at the … Read more

The Allure of Designer Dogs

Big Dog Mom has written a good article about the designer dog craze that has engulfed our country. I am with Stephanie on her points. The Allure of Designer Dogs – A Mixed Breed Illusion I don’t have anything against the dogs. I have met some lovely doodles. I love all dogs. But to mix … Read more