The Fallacy of Dog Rescue: Reputable Breeders Are NOT the Problem (Big Dog Mom)

Big Dog Mom AKA: Stephanie Seger, has written another brilliant article. This one on dog rescue and reputable breeders. There is a huge difference between good preservation breeders and backyard breeders and puppy mill breeders.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see it that way and breeders who are producing magnificent dogs, are being vilified. … Read more

A DVM’s Opinion on Spay and Neuter

Neuter. Or Not? And When? ( I have written about the issues with spaying and neutering dogs and the risks and changes we see.  Not only in health as regards developing chronic diseases, but also structure problems and behavior problems. Dr. Will Falconer DVM is a trained DVM in practice for decades. He saw the … Read more

Behavior Changes When Dogs Are Spayed or Neutered

A picture of Dottie’s beautiful, intact Father showing at Westminster Kennel Club   A while back, I wrote a post about the problems of early spaying and neutering in our dogs. I have the link here. The Problems with Early Spay and Neuter – Joyfully Healthy Pets That post talked about the physical problems that … Read more

“Even When You Do Everything Right”

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball. Even doing everything right for your beloved dogs. Raw feeding, no chemicals, no vaccinations and plenty of love. Suddenly, you are hit with the devasting words. Your dog has terminal cancer and there is nothing that can be done. The owners of Harriet’s sister, “Hope” have received … Read more

The Skin and It’s Microbiome

The microbiome, and in particular the gut microbiome, has been a buzz word for a few years now. We have been hearing about how our dogs and us humans have more bacteria than our own cells. How the microbiome is the key to good health. But did you know that the biome extends to the … Read more

Not All Protein Is Created Equal

I recently listened to a very informative talk by Dr. Peter Ballerstedt PhD, titled “When Protein Is NOT Protein”.  (I have linked the talk at the bottom of this post. VERY worth watching) I learned a great deal from that talk about the difference between animal-based protein and plant-based protein. About crude protein and true … Read more

Colostrum For Your Canine

What is Colostrum?  If you are a Mother, you are aware that colostrum is the first milk that a mammal produces after giving birth. It is the first food for mammals and all mammals produce it for their offspring.  It is an absolutely amazing food. I remember reading “The Grapes of Wrath” in high school, … Read more

Preventing Dog Bites With Children

How to Prevent Dogs Biting Kids ( If you are a parent, a Grandparent or just someone who loves dogs and/or children, you need to read this article. (linked above) For the sake of the children. For the sake of the dogs. For your sake too. I’m sure a lot of people would look at the … Read more