A DVM’s Opinion on Spay and Neuter

Neuter. Or Not? And When? (vitalanimal.com)

I have written about the issues with spaying and neutering dogs and the risks and changes we see.  Not only in health as regards developing chronic diseases, but also structure problems and behavior problems.

Dr. Will Falconer DVM is a trained DVM in practice for decades. He saw the problems in allopathic care of his patients and then became a trained homeopathic vet. He wrote this article a few years ago but it is brilliant and touches on the many problems with spay and neutering, especially in the young animals. If you do decide to alter your pet, Dr. Falconer has one great piece of advice.

“Here’s the trick: you want the hormones intact until growth to mature size is finished, but you don’t want unplanned for pregnancies, either.” 1

I used these pictures in a previous post to show how important it is to allow hormones to close growth plates in a growing puppy.

Please read Dr. Falconer’s article. It is worth your time.







  1. Dr Will Falconer DVM
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