Nail Length and the Health of Your Dog.

So what does the length of your dogs nails have to do with his overall health? Turns out, everything. Just as with us, the foundation of our structure are our feet. If our feet hurt, everything hurts. It also impacts their posture and the health of their joints in addition to the health of their feet.

Oh, but cutting those nails can be a horror, for you and for your dog. I am guilty of not wanting to trim my dogs nails and letting them get too long. So, a few weeks ago I enrolled in a 8 week course to learn how to trim my dogs nails with no force. It has been an eye opening experience. I have learned so much so far. It is put on by Big Dog Mom, Stephanie. Watch this eye opening video. Then, get on her waiting list for when she opens it up again later this year. I highly recommend this course. Your dog is counting on you.

Flea and Tick Treatments

Ticks can be problematic in the forest after rain.

FDA Alerts Pet Owners and Veterinarians About Potential for Neurologic Adverse Events with Certain Flea and Tick Products                

But, I would say that ALL chemical flea and ticks treatments will cause neurologic events, and more. They can also cause liver damage, organ failure and death. The insert says to wear gloves when applying, not to pet the dog until it dries and if you get it on your skin, to wash it off completely and call poison control. Now, I am going to let that sink in for a moment. So, if this is a poison for us, how is it not a poison for our dogs? Something else that people don’t realize until I tell them is that the fleas and ticks still have to bite your dog in order for it to die. The flea and tick treatment is in the blood of your dog. Fleas and ticks are after your dogs blood, the little vampires!

I understand that they are a problem in most areas, mine included. I will admit that I struggle with fleas also. So what can we do to get rid of them without resorting to chemicals. First, is to feed a raw , species appropriate diet. Keeping the immune system strong is the first step. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and a flea comb. I have used amber collars with good success and flower essences too.

Here is a great article with strategies to help in the battle against the little vampires.

Natural Medicine

More than 100 years ago Natural Medicine suffered a nearly fatal blow with the well planned, systematic destruction of modalities such as herbs, homeopathy, and chiropractic medicines. It’s a sordid tale of greed and self serving. Rockefeller tried to completely destroy homeopathy all the while he was under the care of a homeopathic Dr.